Headshot and Portrait Tips

I always prefer to meet with my clients before we set up a photo shoot, this gives me the opportunity to discuss your needs

What industry do you work in or what are the photos going to be used for? A fitness instructor would want something more casual than a lawyer or an executive.

Where will the images appear, web, print, social media?

For example: if your image is going to appear on Facebook you should be facing to the right of the page. This way you’re not looking off the page when you post your image.

Color scheme. If the image is going to appear on a website, you don’t want to wear colors that clash with the colors on the website.

Clothing choice for Headshots

Solid colors are usually best, but don’t be afraid to break the rules!

Keep jewelry to a minimum.

Simple hair. Keep it natural. It’s always best to have your hair done by a professional if possible before showing up to your portrait session.

If you are shooting more than one top – be sure to mix up the necklines and make sure that the top has shoulders – no spaghetti straps, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts.

Shirts with texture are great for headshots. (Sweaters knit or ribbed material, etc.).